Car blast prompts authorities to tighten norms in scrap business in Coimbatore  

Scrap dealers attending a meeting called by authorities in Coimbatore on Thursday.
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The recent car blast in Coimbatore has made authorities dust off provisions of the Tamil Nadu Scrap Merchants and Dealers in Second-Hand Property and Owners of Automobile Workshops and Tinker Shops (Regulation, Control and Licensing) Act, 1985.

Scrap dealers in Coimbatore were asked to obtain a licence from the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicles Maintenance Department (MVMD) for scrapping of old vehicles, and comply with the norms mentioned in the Act to run their business.

Police sources said instructions were given to scrap dealers on Thursday in the wake of the recent car blast incident in which the main accused had used a car that was sold for scrap value. Though another accused bought the car for scrap value from the last owner, the main conspirator, Jameesha Mubin, had allegedly purchased the old hatchback and used it for bombing in front of the Sangameswarar temple on October 23.

Scrap dealers have been asked to inform the police if stolen vehicles or vehicles involved in illegal activities were brought to them for sale. People who run scrap shops should display their licence and maintain a register containing details of vehicles purchased and scrapped for parts such as registration number, chassis number, engine number, year of manufacture, model, scrap value and the previous owner’s name, address, phone number and a copy of their identity proof.

Shop owners must verify the register every day and produce it when authorities ask for it. If the register is maintained on a computer, a soft copy must be given to the jurisdictional police station, said the police.

Shop owners should also maintain a register of their employees containing details, including identity proof, and obtain a conduct certificate from the police as per Section 8 of the Act.

₹5,000 fine 

According to the police, running of scrap business without obtaining the licence from the MVMD would attract one year of imprisonment and a fine of ₹5,000 as per the Act. The same punishment would apply to those failing to adhere to the Act’s norms, even if they have a licence.

Assistant Collector (Training) Soumya Anand and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) D. Ashok Kumar held a meeting with scrap dealers from the Ukkadam old market, Kurichi and Kuniyamuthur areas of Coimbatore city on Thursday to give instructions. Similar meetings will be held for scrap dealers in other parts of the city, which is estimated to have over 1,000 scrap dealers.

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