“Mathematics is a language that is spoken by none but misinterpreted by all,” says Divesh Bathija, co-founder of UnMath School.

UnMath School, a brand founded in 2012 by Raashi and Divesh, is rising and producing high performance results due to their unique approach to the most mundane considered subject “Mathematics.” UnMath School has mentored over 10,000 teachers and over 50,000 children in their efforts to change the global perception of mathematics.

Math has long been thought to be the most boring subject because of the perception that it does not require any form of creativity or artistic expression. In fact, most learners presume that Math is a black and white subject, with very little room for creative interpretation. UnMath School, on the other hand, is in the market to challenge all of these stereotypes and argue that, when approached properly, Math can be one of the most fascinating subjects to learn. In fact,Math has such a logical application and magnificent way of thinking that it shapes how we construct our mind-sets. The step-by-step approach of UnMath School is derived from Math, which no other subject can teach us. They are teaching students about the significance of Math in important skills such as decision making, problem solving, and design thinking. They are splendidly breaking all stereotypical views and solving problems in this area, while also establishing a brand in this space.

According to Divesh Bathija, co-founder of UnMath School, “Mathematics is definitely all around us, but we fail to answer the most common question asked by our students: Where am I going to use this in my life? Our textbooks are filled with problems that students solve without realising their importance or application in the real world. In the rush to finish the problems, the textbooks began to become monotonous, and as a result, students began to lose interest in “Math”, and a fear of the subject began to thrive.”

Raashi Bathija, co-founder of UnMath School, added, “Given the current situation in which many children are using calculators, we don’t believe we need human calculators. We require individuals capable of analysing data, making decisions based on it, and ensuring that children learn to interpret concepts.”

The team of UnMath School is currently conducting workshops and touring in numerous cities and countries, developing interesting methods for teaching Math that are fun, relevant, and tailored to native cultures. To create an engaging learning environment for their learners, their team explores, comprehends, connects, and immerses themselves in each local culture while travelling to diverse regions, mapping their interests, popular sports, and other factors from place to place and connecting with them accordingly to design the way they teach Math to each of these communities.

UnMath School is striving to focus on creating a long-term experience around Math rather than simply providing children with tips and tricks, just to help them get good grades. They are here to make learning experiences more acceptable and relatable, while also making the children feel like this is something they should never overlook. UnMath School implements a hybrid model, providing both online and offline training, allowing them to reach every corner of the globe and introduce creative math spaces around the world.

In today’s world, where most students are so afraid of Math that they simply recite the equations and are incapable of deciphering the concepts, let alone understand the applications behind them, a rapidly growing platform like UnMath School must be integrated into the educational system.

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