Border row with Maharashtra: CM Bommai to hold video conference with advocates

Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai will be holding a video conference with a team of senior advocates, including Mukul Rohtagi, Shyam Diwan, Karnataka’s Uday Holla, Maruti Jirle and Raghupathy, on Tuesday evening on resolving the boundary issue with neighbouring Maharashtra.

The drought-prone Jath taluk in Maharashtra has passed a resolution to join Karnataka. The taluk, comprising 40 gram panchayats, passed a resolution stating that Maharashtra government was unable to provide them water. It said they were being treated unfairly and wanted to join Karnataka, Mr Bommai said.

The Kannada schools located in Maharashtra would be developed by granting funds through Karnataka Border Development Authority, the Chief Minister said.

The team has met two to three times to decide on their line of argument in the border row. “I will be holding a video conference with the advocates team on Tuesday. Letters will be sent to Leaders of Opposition in both the Houses regarding the steps taken by the government in this regard. We are fully prepared to argue our case in the Supreme Court,” Mr. Bommai said.

The CM said the application filed by the Maharashtra government has not been considered and, so far, it has not got its maintainability and is unlikely to get it later too. The apex court has not considered the main case and it may not be maintainable.

The Karnataka government would argue not to consider the application filed by Maharashtra. The Reorganisation of States Act was formed as per Column 3 of the Constitution, and there are no examples of reviewing it as such, as a situation has not arisen.

No right to change Act

Mr. Bommai said the border row has become a political tool in Maharashtra and any party which is in power would raise the issue for political purposes. But they have not been successful yet and may not be in the future also.

“We are capable of protecting the borders of Karnataka and have taken steps also. We have worked together when it comes to land, language and water of Karnataka and have fought jointly. No one has the right to change the Reorganisation of States Act”, he said.

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