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This place makes iPhones: hundreds of Foxconn employees are protesting against delayed pay and even a lack of food.

Protest at the Foxconn factory. Image from social media.

Protest at the Foxconn factory. Image from social media.

This particular factory in Zhengzhou city is very large and therefore even received the name of “iPhone city”. This is indeed the place where Apple makes its production. Foxconn is also the world’s largest contract manufacturer. It produces around 70% of all iPhone shipments globally.

The footage from local surveillance cameras and online images show that unrest is becoming violent.

Protests were triggered by the company’s decision to delay bonus payments. But the build-up of unrest was already ongoing, and China’s ultra-harsh COVID policy undoubtedly contributed to this situation.

Foxconn commented in an official statement that it “fulfilled its payment contracts” and also denies allegations about unfavorable employee living conditions.

The production plant officials are currently aiming to resume full production capacity at its Zhengzhou iPhone plant. Unofficial sources say that company is unlikely to hit the planned production targets due to this very recent disruption.

In late October, Foxconn imposed a “closed loop system” in the “iPhone city” which means that staff have to live and work on-site, mostly isolated from the outside world. Since then, thousands of workers fled the company campus. Foxconn is trying to compensate for this workforce loss by hiring new personnel.

Apple and the local government of Zhengzhou did not comment on this situation yet. Reuters notes that the social media platform where journalists reviewed videos of the unrest has been taken down.


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