Farmers demand auctioning of culled wild boars

With wild boar culling on the rise in rural areas of Kozhikode, various farmers’ organisations have appealed to the government to seriously consider the possibility of legally auctioning the meat of culled animals. They said burning or burying of edible meat caused huge financial loss.

A regional convention recently organised at Koombara in Kozhikode district had observed that the auctioned amount could be remitted to the government treasury as a source of revenue. It also claimed that the lack of vision on the part of a few government officials was preventing such a possibility.

“The meat of culled wild boar is edible and very costly. At least the government will be able to get between ₹50,000 and ₹1 lakh through the auctioning of a big wild boar,” said a functionary of the Kerala Karshaka Sanghom. He pointed out that the meat could easily be sold through public auctioning.

Some farmers’ associations said that hunting of wild boars and other wild animals could be easily brought down with such easy options. They added that wild boar meat was freely available in foreign countries.

“We have been demanding that the government clear technicalities to facilitate auctioning as the government alone will be its major beneficiary. However, no one is keen on exploring the option citing technical issues,” said P.S. Thomas, a local farmers’ organisation functionary in the district.

Meanwhile, Forest officials said auctioning the meat of culled animals needed the Central government’s approval.

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