A calendar dedicated to burn survivors

After months of suffering in a hospital bed, 38-year-old Thippamma survived an acid attack, allegedly by her husband, and became the bread-earner for her son and three daughters. “There was a time when my children were scared of me,” she recounted

Sangeeta, 38, from Ballari, suffered burns after being set on fire allegedly by her husband for being an “extrovert”.

Many burn victims shared their stories during a launch programme by Aweksha, a trust which has dedicated its 2023 annual year calendar for the survivors of burn attacks. Fourteen survivors are part of the calendar along with their stories and achievements.

Aweksha, a Bengaluru-based trust working towards ending gender-based violence and discrimination, released the calendar in collaboration with Victoria Hospital and the Department of Social Sciences of St. Joseph’s University on Saturday.

The survivors showed their gratitude to the team of doctors from Victoria Hospital and Aweksha, crediting them for helping them fight through their battles, both physically and mentally.

To raise funds, voice

Donna Fernandez, founder of Aweksha, said the calendar is also a means to raise funds and make the voices of burn victims heard by the government and society at large.

The calendar was released by Sujata Rathod, director of Medical Education, who said: “Men should grow up with the attitude that everybody is equal.” She said survivors have set examples by portraying the true meaning of shakti (strength), dhairya (courage), and are independent by setting up their small businesses and a means to live on their own.

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