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The United Kingdom confirmed that precision-guided missiles Brimstone 2 are being sent to Ukraine. It is an extremely accurate weapon with an extremely high chance of hitting the target. It is great news for the Armed forces of Ukraine and not so much for the invading Russian forces.

Brimstone 2 is a precise-guided missile with a range of 40-60 kilometers. Image credit: Vslv via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

The UKโ€™s Ministry of Defence has confirmed that a package of Brimstone 2 missiles has been dispatched to Ukraine. Obviously, with a cargo of this value details are not disclosed, but it is very likely, as the Ministry of Defence has said, those Brimstone 2 missiles are already performing tasks in Ukraine to force Russian retreat in the occupied areas.

The Brimstone missile was developed in 1996 and entered service in 2005. Brimstone 2, which is a much more advanced version with a longer range, an improved seeker, a more modular design and improvements to airframe and software, entered service in 2016.

Brimstone 2, compared to the first version, is a much more fierce weapon, which is so accurate it is said to be able to operate in urban environments with minimal damage to the surroundings of the target.

Besides Ukraine, Brimstone missiles are used by Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and, of course, the United Kingdom. Interestingly, Brimstone missiles are almost always serving in air forces, but in Ukraine, they are going to be launched from the ground.

Brimstone missiles. Image credit: MBDA

Ukraine is said to have modified truck platforms to make Brimstone 2 launchable from the ground. Details of this operation are not known, so we cannot say if Brimstone 2 retains its range when it is launched from the ground.

Normally, the Brimstone 2 has a 60 km range when itโ€™s launched from a fixed-wing aircraft (such as the Tornado GR4) or 40 km when it is launched from a helicopter. Brimstone millimeter wave active radar homing seeker as well as laser guidance to hunt down its targets. Itโ€™s designed and proven to be able to reduce collateral damage as well as damage to civilian infrastructure.

What targets? The Brimstone 2 has a 6.3 kg HEAT tandem-shaped warhead and can engage various targets, such as tanks or even mass formations of enemy armor. It is likely that this is how Ukrainians will use their Brimstone 2 missiles โ€“ they will soon be flying towards the Russian tanks.

Brimstone 2 missiles are a huge donation to the Ukrainian war efforts. Some years ago it was said that one such missile costs more than 100 thousand pounds.ย 

Ukraine is likely to be needing military support for months to come. Hopefully, advanced weapons like the Brimstone 2 will be included in future packages so that this war can be ended quickly.


Source: UK Ministry of Defence Twitter , Wikipedia

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