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The U.S. electric grid is undergoing a rapid evolution in how it generates, transmits, and distributes electric energy due to societal reduction of carbon usage, consumer usage pattern changes, and changing generation fleet.

Electric grid.

Electric grid. Image credit: Ken Kistler via, CC0 Public Domain

This forces energy grid operators to constantly adapt to the new business environment. As MISO manages the operation of its existing electric grid, it also needs to forecast future demand. One factor complicating this forecasting is the presence of distributed energy resources, referred to in the industry as the Behind-the Meter (BTM) generation.

This Challenge is looking for advanced methods of forecasting Behind-the Meter energy generation.

This is an Ideation Challenge with a guaranteed award for at least one submitted solution.

One factor that makes forecasting the future load more difficult is the presence of distributed energy resources, often referred to in the industry as the Behind-the-Meter (BTM) generation. As the grid evolves, the BTM generation will play an increasingly larger role in the makeup of the bulk electric system. Obviously, the correct forecasting of the Behind-the-Meter (BTM) generation becomes important.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by 11:59 PM (US Eastern Time) on December 12, 2022. 

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