Challenge: Technology for Very Small Spot Temperature Measurement – Technology Org

NineSigma, representing clothing parts manufacturer (“Client”), seeks technology related to very small spot temperature measurement on fiber surface.

Textile manufacturing process. Image credit: CC0 Public Domain

A range of proposals are welcome including a concept proposal if the technology has the potential to achieve the following technological requirements in principle, even without the proven record of application to fiber surface temperature measurement.

The Client, clothing parts manufacturer, is engaged in developing fiber production process. The challenge is to achieve of measurement of fiber temperature during the production process, but the Client has not yet identified a technology that can meet the above-mentioned requirements at this point.

Meanwhile, the research and development of fiber production process have been conducted widely, and promising technologies that can help resolve the challenge seem to be available worldwide. Therefore, the Client decided to make this RFP to call for technologies and ideas that can help overcome the technical challenge and establish practical application.

Submissions to this Challenge must be received by Dec 22, 2022.

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