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Cloud computing is experiencing swift growth because of its numerous benefits over the conventional computing style. For instance, cloud storage services can cut business costs by eliminating the need to get on-premises hardware and software.

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Also, cloud services are highly scalable, making them perfect for firms with a high variance in customer traffic. Due to the increased demand for cloud storage services, there has also been heightened demand for associated technologies like cloud security network(s)to protect the data and applications hosted by firms in the cloud. Cloud security also regulates the access of users, devices, and software in the cloud.

As more organizations leverage cloud computing, entrepreneurs need to keep in line with the top computing trends. This way, they’d be better suited to adjust their business operations accordingly.

Here are the top cloud computing trends in 2022:

Improved cloud delivery models

The two most popular cloud delivery models are the hybrid and serverless variants. A hybrid cloud merges several delivery models, including public, private, and dedicated, into one. It improves flexibility for firms since they can shift from single-cloud dependencies without modifying their current technologies.

A serverless cloud is a model where the cloud storage service matches the demand from applications with the supply of computing resources. It is highly beneficial to companies since they never have to take care of the maintenance end on their servers.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning for cloud computing

Although cloud computing started as a service for storing data, it has evolved into so much more. Firms have realized the importance of understanding data. They are increasingly looking to get insights from the data stored on cloud platforms.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the biggest keywords in the tech space today. The reason is that they allow for increased business intelligence, allowing firms to enhance their operations and become more efficient in different areas of their businesses. One way to do this is by leveraging machine learning techniques which is a subset of artificial intelligence

Machine and deep learning are two fields that can be used to compute millions of data points in a considerably shorter period than possible for a human. This way, businesses can make more informed decisions since machine learning techniques can be used on recorded data to understand customer behavior and preferences.

The use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in cloud computing is set to increase in 2022 and beyond.

Enhanced cybersecurity and compliance

Organizations are highly concerned about the wave of cyberattacks hitting industries that leverage technology. That’s why there’s a need for enhanced cybersecurity of cloud deployments and compliance with data.

Cloud storage services have noticed this trend and offer better digital security features and compliance certifications. This has increased demand for Secure Access Service Edge and Cloud-based disaster recovery.

Secure Access Service Edge is a cloud security framework that allows organizations to supervise access between cloud applications and user devices. It’s like using your Google email login credentials to access different services while maintaining a high cybersecurity level.

Cloud-based disaster recovery involves utilizing cloud computing services to perform data backups to prevent data loss. This way, cloud storage would serve as a different avenue if a firm can’t access its data because of some issue with its on-premises infrastructure.

Growth in the cloud gaming and virtual reality sectors

In the years to come, there’ll be an explosion in the cloud gaming sector. Google’s Stadia is a virtual venue that will define the future of cloud gaming services. Cloud virtual reality has also facilitated access to VR headsets while improving the explosion in the cloud gaming sector.

Cloud virtual reality is also available in areas like data visualization in 2022. Because of the new service models and access to the hardware, firms in the cloud gaming sector will most likely experience increased revenue margins.

Several innovations in the cloud computing sector keep increasing their utility. That’s why a quarter of all businesses on the globe are set to migrate their software to the cloud in 2023. 

In 2022, the adoption of cloud computing services and the numerous ways to leverage cloud-based systems for data insights and improved efficiency were the major points for the cloud sector. The enhancement in scalability and flexibility of cloud computing is the key driver behind the cloud storage service explosion.

The time taken to adopt cloud storage services may vary for different organizations. However, the inevitable truth is that the cloud is here to stay, and these businesses will eventually leverage its power.

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