Andhra Pradesh: AG&P to supply of piped gas to households in Sathya Sai district soon


AG&P Pratham Regional Head Gumalapalli A Venkatesh addressing a press conference in Hindupur on Friday.

AG&P Pratham Regional Head Gumalapalli A Venkatesh addressing a press conference in Hindupur on Friday.
| Photo Credit: R.V.S. PRASAD

The AG&P Pratham, the Compressed Natural Gas and Piped Natural Gas provider in Rayalaseema and Nellore, has proposed to invest ₹220 crore in Sri Sathya Sai district for laying a steel pipeline from Sira to Hindupur for providing 20,000 domestic connections and establishing 10 CNG stations.

About 25 km of the pipeline has already been installed and the remaining would be completed by August 2023, AG&P Pratham Regional Head G.A. Venkatesh said.

Addressing a press conference in Hindupur on Friday, Mr. Venkatesh added: “We are working towards making Sri Sathya Sai a cleaner and greener district. By 2028, it will provide employment to 500 persons in addition to providing clean fuel to industries, vehicles, and households. We have installed 7,100 connections in Kadapa out of which 40 customers received piped gas supplies and discontinued using the LPG.” 

As part of its business expansion strategy for the State of Andhra Pradesh, the company is laying a steel grid pipeline from Sira (in Karnataka) to Hindupur to bridge the supply-demand gap for natural gas in Sri Satya Sai and Anantapur districts. The Pipeline grid will ensure a continuous supply of Natural gas to domestic, commercial, and transport segments effectively and slowly the pipeline would be extended to industrial area near KIA India factory at Erramanchi. In all 15,000 registrations have been made for piped natural gas to households in Anantapur, Hindupur and Puttaparthi. 

The construction of networks is in progress to supply PNG and CNG at the earliest. In Kadapa, Liquid to Compressed Natural Gas (LCNG) station was commissioned on October 1. 2022. In Anantapur and Hindupur, the domestic piped natural connections will be operational from February next year, he added.


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