Move to collect additional fee from owners of old trucks withdrawn

Subsequent to an interim order of the Kerala High Court, the renewal of registration and fitness certificates of trucks that are over 15 years old will be implemented in the State without any additional fees. The Motor Vehicles department (MVD) has issued an order to implement it with immediate effect.

Appropriate changes will be made to the official portal to facilitate easy payment. According to the Kerala Lorry Owners Federation (KLOF), the MVD has been delaying the implementation of the High Court order for unknown reasons. The department issued the order after lorry operators filed a contempt of court petition against it.

KLOF secretary Shaju Almana said hundreds of inter-State and inter-district lorry operators would benefit from the latest MVD order. “Many of them [operators] had been compelled to pay an additional amount of ₹14,000 for renewal every year along with hiked charges for old vehicles,” he pointed out.

The hike in fee was challenged in the court as several old vehicle owners were in severe financial crisis and thus unable to purchase new vehicles. They were of the view that most vehicles were in good condition, and that no additional payment had to be made in the name of their fitness.

“If the fee is hiked, one will have to spare ₹14,000, and those operating two or three old goods carriers as self-employment ventures will have to look for other options for livelihood,” said a lorry owner from Kozhikode city. He added that the MVD was even planning to blacklist vehicles on the Parivahan portal for non-payment of hiked fee.

KLOF leaders said the High Court order and the subsequent MVD directive would be applicable to other types of old vehicles too. They also said that a legal fight was on to make the Union government withdraw its order hiking charges for old vehicles citing pollution threat.

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