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Twitter is very likely to move towards automated moderation of content amidst the surge in hate speech on this social media platform.

Twitter bird in snow - artistic impression.

Twitter bird in the snow – artistic impression. Image credit: Alan Levine via Pxhere, free license

Under Elon Musk, Twitter faced radical changes – including substantial cuts in its workforce. But the job still needs to be done. That is why the company is now considering the possibility to reduce the amount of manual content reviewing.

Technically such automation is feasible, and it is very likely that Twitter will stick to this course of action, according to Reuters.

Twitter is now also enforcing more “aggressive” content distribution restrictions on abuse-prone hashtags and search results, despite the fact that the company probably will not be able to differentiate well between “harmful” and “benign” use of those hashtags.

Currently, researchers are reporting a substantial increase in the amount of hate speech on Twitter. This surge coincides with Musk’s decision to reinstate accounts previously suspended due to violations of the social media platform’s content policies.

Now, the new management of Twitter is facing doubts from multiple partners regarding their continued ability to moderate harmful and illegal content. The company seeks an increase in work automation as a way of getting out of this crisis.

In a certain sense, Twitter is now seeking to “sit on two chairs at the same time”. On the one hand, the company aims to pursue the “freedom of speech” objective outlined by Elon Musk. On the other hand, potentially harmful content now will face audience reach restrictions, instead of using simple user bans like before.

Essentially, this means that users will be able to post nearly whatever they like. Still, the number of people seeing this content could be minimal if it does not meet certain safety-related requirements.

Similar “visibility filtering” tools already existed on Twitter prior to Musk’s acquisition of the platform but were not used at high intensity.


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