Diarrhea Common in Omicron Patients Despite Vaccination


The Omicron COVID-19 variant has altered the trajectory of the pandemic since it first emerged in November 2021. Everything about this variation was different from its predecessors, including the symptoms and the way it spreads. However, despite having more than 500 subvariants in circulation, Omicron relatives only share the traits of being extremely contagious, replicating in the upper respiratory tract, and possessing alterations that make them more likely to evade established immunity. Additionally, even though they typically produce less serious infections than their predecessors, some symptoms appear to be widespread. Let’s dig a little deeper to comprehend this:

The majority of Omicron patients report having diarrhea, according to the Zoe COVID app, which tracks COVID symptoms by monitoring individuals who have the virus. This symptom had been reported even by people who possessed the Delta and Alpha variants.

‘Despite receiving two or three doses of COVID-19 vaccination, patients frequently develop diarrhea after contracting the Delta or Omicron strains.’

Diarrhea during COVID-19

The symptoms of COVID diarrhea are quite similar to those of a typical stomach virus.

Data from the Zoe COVID app revealed that one in five patients experiences COVID diarrhea after contracting the Delta or Omicron strains, even if they had received two or three doses of the vaccine.


Additionally, diarrhea was a symptom in 30% of patients with the Alpha variant of COVID-19 prevalent in late 2020.

Diarrhea Symptoms in COVID-19

If you get COVID, you may experience diarrhea on the first day of infection. It may worsen over the first week of the sickness.

The COVID diarrhea can last up to seven days, according to the Zoe health app. Additionally, they noted that individuals who also experienced abdominal pain and unusual muscle pain had a higher risk of hospitalization when they also had diarrhea as a COVID symptom.

Role of Vaccines in COVID-19

While vaccines lessened the effects of Omicron, they also suffered negative side effects. Research has shown that over time, vaccine protection against illness, hospitalization, and death waned (though at varying rates). WHO noted that protection against hospitalization and death has nevertheless remained high, saving millions of lives.

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