India’s Biggest Health Pageant for To-be-mothers at Hyderabad

One purpose that drove the beginning of Cuddles Mrs. MOM’s story is to encourage normal and stress-free childbirth. And since then, it has expanded into a large family of confident and beautiful moms-to-be.

The Purpose of India’s First Pageant for Mothers-to-be

This event is to encourage normal delivery, for which a 7-day pre-event was organized to educate pregnant couples about sustainable and healthy lifestyle, water yoga, Lamaze, childbirth education, 1000 day diet, grooming, skincare, dental care, stress management, confidence building, personality development, spiritual wellness, happiness in pregnancy, and style coaching by the experts; followed by a grand finale happening on 27th, November 2022 at Hitex, Hyderabad.


The journey of a mother from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy to lactation, pediatric care, and vaccination. In each season they provide 360-degree holistic care to pregnant couples, educating them and their families on how to support and enjoy the journey of pregnancy.

To give the right education about pregnancy and childcare, this event successfully incorporated the health and wellness concept of pregnancy along with the sustainability.

Pregnant couples are encouraged to protect the environment, eat local, traditional & organic foods, and ultimately opt for eco-friendly options of living so that our future generation can experience the world as they did.

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