New COVID Variant BQ.1.1 Subvariant Drives Virus Surge in France


In France, the BQ.1.1 subvariant of COVID-19 is currently taking priority over the BA.5 strain.

COVID Variant BQ.1.1 Subvariant

Brigitte Autran, president of the Committee for Monitoring and Anticipating Health Risks (COVARS), told the news channel BFMTV on Wednesday that the latest COVID resurgence is the “beginning of a wave”, even though the increase in the number of cases is “not significant yet”, reports Xinhua news agency.

“The trend is not good, it is up” because of the subvariant of the virus, she said.

‘BA.5, the subvariant of the original Omicron subvariant that has been prevalent in France, has already been replaced, swept away by the BQ.1.1 subvariant, which is the baby of BA.5.’

Autran said that the BQ.1.1 subvariant is currently being observed all over the world.

“We do not yet know if it is meaner, but it is understood to be more contagious, and therefore it is absolutely necessary to get protected and vaccinated. She called on the eligible population to get booster shots, arguing that vaccines guarantee protection against severe forms of COVID and against death”.

She also reiterated the need to respect barrier measures, including wearing masks, at least on public transport and in crowded spaces.

Source: IANS



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