Sangareddy tops in paddy procurement

Medak, Telangana,04/12/2022: A woman farmer cleaning paddy at her farm in the outskirts of Sangareddy on Sunday in Sangareddy District.
| Photo Credit: Mohd Arif

Sangareddy district stood first in procurement of paddy in kharif this year.

The district was able to procure paddy worth ₹ 361 crore from 34,978 farmers by establishing 227 procurement centres. While 150 procurement centres were set up by the authorities in the last rainy season, another 77 were opened this season.

And ₹ 290.57 crore was already transferred to the accounts of 25,965 farmers. The remaining amount of ₹ 71.92 crore to the accounts of 9,013 farmers would be transferred in the next few days.

“Sangareddy district tops in paddy procurement, recording data online, tab entry and payment to farmers. We have taken all precautions regarding gunny bags, transportation, shifting paddy to mills and paying to farmers within the stipulated time. This was made possible with the active participation of all the officials concerned,” said Collector A. Sharath.

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