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Embarking on the journey of finding a job comes with its own difficulties. With the job market oversaturated with job opportunities and not enough people to fill them, looking for employment can be overstimulating and stressful.

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Most job boards are online now, with traditional ones having gone almost entirely extinct. The average modern-day job board can be found online on a website. All of them, such as Lensa, use artificial intelligence to carry out the process of recruitment. 

The Uses of AI for Recruitment

Artificial intelligence is used almost in every crevice of the internet to facilitate the functioning of programs. Human resource systems are able to function easier thanks to the streamlining AI programs provide. 

Most recruiters say the hardest part of the recruitment process is screening the candidates. AI manages to screen hundreds, if not thousands of candidates in a fraction of the time a human recruiter would take. The way the program does this is by searching for critical information the recruiter wants to see, such as experience level, qualifications, and so on. 

Image by Tima Miroshnichenko  via Pexels, free license

Image by Tima Miroshnichenko via Pexels, free license

The scanning can be either keyword-based, grammar-based, or statistics-based. All of these methods increase the efficiency of the recruitment process, with statistical analysis being the most advanced and precise way of finding candidates.

These programs make shortlists of the best candidates to proceed with scheduling online or in-person interviews. The standardized scanning AI software does make the recruitment process fairer. Studies have found human recruiters spend around 7 seconds scanning one resume, whereas AI can truly search through resumes without bias or any major fault.

AI also evens out the hiring opportunities between small and large businesses. The scale of hiring candidates also increases, with a larger variety of options available. The reduction of bias also benefits candidates and recruiters alike can reap.

Job Boards Using AI


Lensa is a job search board that is able to match candidates with their ideal job quickly. The focus of Lensa is on the job seekers’ needs rather than the standard dry process of finding a job. 

Elements such as a workstyle game allow Lensa to be different from the rest of the job list sites. This is a video game that allows Lensa’s program to assess what style of work a candidate has. The results of this program aid in best matching candidates to the jobs that would suit them most. 

The website minimizes scam job listings by making recruiters pay per candidate to view their resumes, as well as by scanning listings to check their validity and authenticity using company data. Lensa’s AI also sends out job alerts to passive candidates automatically to remind them of the opportunities they could be missing out on. Expired and irrelevant jobs are immediately removed.


ZipRecruiter also uses AI technology to scan resumes, as well as send out notifications to candidates and recruiters alike regarding opportunities or candidatures. 

ZipRecruiter uses a quick application button with which you can instantly send your resume to a job that is listed. This can prove useful if you are exclusively searching within a certain field but can be a disadvantage if you are sending the same resume to all different jobs. 

ZipRecruiter’s AI is skill-focused, meaning the program focuses on matching candidates to their potential jobs based on their skill sets rather than experience level. This can be beneficial to someone who has had years of practice but not enough papers to document it. 


This company is notorious for its refined use of AI to sort through its users. Their program also encourages users to connect with employers and people to further the recruitment process.  LinkedIn does everything other websites do, including providing analytics for recruiters to pinpoint their needed talent pools. 

AI for this website is pretty fine-tuned to quicken the user experience, thus why it is one of the more popular platforms for job finding.


Glassdoor is a multifunctional platform where you can either find a job or look at reviews and statistics regarding a company you may be eyeing. From salaries to star ratings, Glassdoor allows users to check up on a company before even trying to join it. 

Glassdoor’s AI sends out the most ideal job as well as notifications notifying users of vacancies and reminding them to apply.


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