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The Turkish company Karpowership offered to send power plant ships to Ukraine to help Ukrainians overcome power outages caused by massive missile attacks by the Russian armed forces. Russia is regularly attacking Ukraine’s power grid with hopes that without electricity Ukrainians are more likely to accept unfavorable negotiation conditions put on the table by the Kremlin.

This is what a power plant ship looks like – 3 of these could push their power production to 300 MW. Image credit: Karadenizsosyal via Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 4.0)

“With the management of Ukrenergo, we are considering the mooring of three ship-power plants with a total capacity of 300 MW near Odessa,” said Zeynep Harezi, representative of Karpowership.

She added that once the technical and commercial details are agreed upon, the companies will look for ways to bring the plants safely to Ukrainian shores. Safety is a key priority, because if Russia is determined to leave Ukrainians without power and heat, there is nothing that would prevent them from attacking these floating power stations.

Harezi also emphasized that the plan to transfer floating power plants to Ukraine will require UN approval. “I think we will need a green light at the United Nations level to implement this,” she said. Of course, assurances are needed that the ships will be safe from the threat of Russian attacks.

Similar arrangements needed to be put in place for the export of Ukrainian grain and other foodstuffs. As well as killing thousands of Ukrainian people, Russia time and time again showed a willingness to destroy Ukraine’s infrastructure and economy. The UN-level agreement is absolutely needed to field the Turkish floating power plants.

Some other problems would have to be ironed out as well. Who is going to pay for the power ships and the fuel they will need? How will they be managed and included in the national power grid? The good news is that these ships could arrive quite quickly – this would be a huge relief to the suffering population of Ukraine.

According to the representatives of the Karpowership, taking into account the needs of the Ukrainian people and the general situation in their country, the floating power plants can arrive in Ukraine by the end of 2022. After all, those ships are already ready and put into operation. If necessary, three weeks would be enough for them to start producing electricity for Ukraine.

But, of course, some decisions need to be made first and some agreements must be arranged before any of that is possible. What is possible?

Given the fact that the three ship-power plants will work at full capacity, they will be able to provide electricity for up to 1 million households. That would be a massive relief for Ukrainians and would annoy Russia. We can only hope that Ukrainians can get their power and their country back soon enough.

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