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Germany will provide Ukraine with new military aid – 14 THeMIS robots.

This was reported by Estonia’s Milrem Robotics – the robotics and autonomous systems developers have already signed a contract with the German defense company Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. The contract provides for the delivery of 14 THeMIS robots to Ukraine.

THeMIS robots can complete many different tasks, including medvac, carrying cargo, and serving as a mortar platform. Image credit: Milrem Robotics

According to Milrem Robotics, the first seven vehicles will be used to evacuate the wounded defenders of Ukraine. The first batch of THeMIS robots should arrive in Ukraine at the end of 2022. This is an extremely tight timeline and these robots could bring a real noticeable change to the operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The other batch of seven robots will be used for engineering operations and will be delivered in the second quarter of 2023. This batch of unmanned robots will be equipped with special equipment from the French manufacturer CNIM Systèmes Industriels.

The Estonian company notes that the purchase and supply of THeMIS equipment is financed by the German Ministry of Defense. That is why in the introduction it is stressed that this is part of the German military aid to Ukraine, even though the robots themselves are made in Estonia.

Max speed of THeMIS is 25 km/h - good when the robot needs to follow other equipment.

Max speed of THeMIS is 25 km/h – good when the robot needs to follow other equipment. Image credit: Milrem Robotics

THeMIS robots – what are the capabilities of this system?

The THeMIS robot from Milrem Robotics is a versatile tracked robot that can be equipped with a variety of different systems. THeMIS can serve as a medical evacuation vehicle, cargo carrier, or a self-propelled mortar platform. It has cameras and an array of other sensors that should make it certain that the robot will not run into soldiers and cause injury.

The THeMIS robot can be controlled remotely, but it also has the ability to follow a predetermined route. The manufacturer is already developing a “follow-me” feature – the robot will essentially follow its operator, matching his walking speed, avoiding obstacles, and maintaining a safe distance. The maximum speed of the THeMIS robot is 25 km/h. However, since it’s designed to work with soldiers on foot, it rarely reaches its max speed.

This ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is the first major war in the history of the world where robots are extensively used by both sides. This, of course, includes the drones, which are technically flying bots. Normally Russia would have a major advantage in this area, but Ukraine has generous international partners. Hopefully, THeMIS robots will arrive soon and will make a difference.


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