Old Rex in a new, luxurious avatar

The newly refurbished Rex, which is now the luxurious Director’s Cut managed by PVR Cinemas.
| Photo Credit: Bharath Gowda B.R.

Rex Theatre on Brigade Road in Bengaluru, which closed in 2018, is back but quite unrecognisably transformed, as South India’s first Director’s Cut, launched by PVR Cinemas.

It offers what is called a “boutique cinema experience” in uber-luxurious environs and will open for shows on December 9 with a “festival of food and cinema.”

The new structure was built ground up, by demolishing and reconstructing the old Rex, said CEO of Prestige Group Muhammad Ali. It has a total of 243 seats and 16-20 shows will be played per day.

What Rex looked like earlier.

What Rex looked like earlier.
| Photo Credit:
file photo

The theatre has two movie lounges, namely The Maverick and The Maestro, and five auditoriums with their own thematic design, said Titto, manager in charge of Director’s Cut.

A range of gourmet menu curated by celebrity chefs will be made available at the push of a button next to the 180-degree recliner chairs. The ticket price will range from ₹800 to ₹2,200 (food not included).

Mr. Ali recalled the history of Rex. “The uniqueness of Rex cinema comes from the history during the Second World War. Since 1940s it has been screening films all the way till 2018. The whole journey of Rex carries story, nostalgia and emotion which every Bangalurean can relate to.”

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