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There were no official announcements about the delivery of S-125 Newa SC air-defense systems from Poland to Ukraine. But judging from the recently released image, these weapons arrived in Ukraine in the summer of 2022.

Polish S-125 Newa SC anti-aircraft system in Ukraine. Image credit: Armed Forces of Ukraine

It is difficult to predict why the arrival of


The exact number of currently in the service with the Ukrainian Army was not disclosed. According to unofficial information, there were 17 units of S-125 Newa SC in service with the Armed Forces of Poland.

S-125 Newa SC air defense system launcher. Image credit: Polish Armed Forces

S-125 Newa SC air defense system launcher. Image credit: Polish Armed Forces

The transition to WZT-1 platform provided the possibility to reduce the overall dimensions of this air defense system. The control system was greatly simplified – there is now only one digital screen instead of four. The upgraded model also has a shorter reaction time and an increased rate of fire.

The Polish army also uses Newa SC together with dedicated radars developed specifically for this platform. Most likely, these radars were not transferred to Ukraine and are used in combination with radars from other air defense installations that are already integrated into a joint defensive network. 

is compatible with V-600 and V-601 missiles alternatively known as 5V24 and 5V27. The maximum range of these rockets reaches 35 km (22 miles) with a flight altitude of up to 18 km (11.2 miles). The Ukrainian Army also uses its own modification of V-600 capable of reaching the effective hit distances of up to 40 km (25 miles).

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