Vadapalani Andavar temple lights up with 144 kuthuvilakkus, 8,001 electric agals

Devotees lighting kuthuvilakkus on Karthigai Deepam at the Vadapalani Andavar temple on Tuesday.

The Vadapalani Andavar temple on Tuesday celebrated Karthigai Deepam by asking devotees to light 144 brass kuthuvilakkus and 8,001 electric agals (lamp) that lined the walls and pillars of the temple.

The Kerala-style lamps were donated by devotees and lit near the sanctum sanctorums of Valli-Devanai and Subramaniaswamy and Palani Andavar.

The agal lamps were electric and each string had 20 lamps and were connected to six separate MCB boxes with individual trippers to ensure safety. Wooden frames were made with a gap of one foot between each row and fixed on the walls and pillars on which agals were fixed.

Pori urundai was distributed as prasadam to devotees and donors. Chokkapaanai (bonfire with palm leaves and fire crackers) was also set alight outside the temple. At other temples, including the Kapaleeswarar temple, devotees lit clay agals along the respective temple tanks.

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