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Wild growth of thorny bushes on vacant plots at Padayappa Nagar in Tiruppalai

Wild growth of thorny bushes on vacant plots at Padayappa Nagar in Tiruppalai
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Stagnant water on vacant plots

Stagnant water on vacant plots has surrounded houses at Padayappa Nagar in Tiruppalai. When Corporation authorities were contacted, they expressed their inability to solve this problem saying this is the responsibility of plot owners. Even if we take it so, is not the danger of mosquito breeding and subsequent spread of diseases real? Walls of houses in our area have become wet at the bottom due to water seepage. There is a wild growth of thorny bushes on the vacant plots. Some guidelines must be issued to the plot owners regarding their upkeep. I request the authorities concerned to look into this issue sympathetically. 

P. Victor Selvakumar,


Towing trollies

Of late one can see lots of mopeds and motorcycles towing trollies on the streets of Madurai. Is this practice legal? If yes,   which category they come under in MV Act?  Further, all these trollies are of different sizes and shapes and I am sure there is no road tax and insurance for these trollies. The best part is all those two-wheelers which tow these trollies pay road tax and insurance only for the motorised two-wheelers and not for the illegal trollies.  This being the case, how is our transport authorities and traffic police allow these to ply?   

S. Bala,

TVS Nagar

No ramps in tourist spots

Madurai has a special place and enjoys an exalted status among travellers and tourists as it boasts an array of tourist destinations ranging from the world famous Meenakshi Sundareswar Temple to Tirumalai Naicker Palace. But to the dismay of many, particularly physically challenged people, several tourist places do not have ramps, virtually shutting the door for them to access these places with ease. It is time city administration took concerted steps to make tourist places in the city more disabled-friendly. 

M. Jeyaram,



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