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China is introducing new rules for software that is used to alter facial appearance and voice parameters, creating so-called deepfakes.

Digital face manipulation - artistic impression.

Digital face manipulation – artistic impression. Image credit: tweetyspics via Pixabay, free license

New rules will be adopted starting from Jan.10, 2023. They come as a result of China’s aim to strictly regulate digital content providers who use “deepfake” technology and related services.

The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) announced the upcoming rules last Sunday. According to their official statement, the regulation is intended to protect people against impersonation without their consent and to promote the “healthy development of the industry”.

New rules are centered around algorithms for digital face and voice alteration used to create deepfakes. This technology is becoming increasingly popular on different online platforms.

The latest advances in deep machine learning and virtual reality technology allow the creation of images that are nearly impossible to distinguish from the original person. This, in turn, increases the risk that impersonations could be used for malicious purposes.


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