Swirling waters of the Vegavathi inundates residential localities along banks


The Kancheepuram district administration on Monday rescued a 75-year-old woman who was stuck in her house that had been flooded due to the swirling waters of Vegavathi river in Anna Nagar, near Thayar Amman Kulam. With knee-deep water flooding homes in the area, Moulana Beevi, who was too frail to move remained on the cot in her house.

“She lived alone. She had been provided with food by some good samaritan. She had refused to move out of her house since she was afraid her house might be demolished. Though she has been allotted a house in Kathirpur, she has only been able to collect Rs.20,000 of the required Rs. 1.50 lakh for a housing unit in the slum clearance board tenements. The police then rescued her and told her to stay at the rescue centre till the floods recede,” said C. Sankar, Kancheepuram, district secretary, CPI (M).  

Another resident of the area said that most of them were poor and cannot afford to pay the ₹1.50 lakh beneficiary contribution and would prefer to pay in monthly installments instead. Pachaiappan, who works in the appalam industry, said that he had paid ₹1.50 lakh and had moved to Kathirpur but was finding it difficult to make ends meet. “I earn close to Rs. 9000 a month of which ₹2,000 goes towards repaying the loan. I also have to spend ₹50 a day to commute to my place of work. Our children have to shell out ₹30 to travel to school by private bus since the government bus does not come on time. The road leading to the tenements is dark and we need lighting,” he said.

Kancheepuram Collector M. Aarthi said that though the cost of one unit in that apartment complex at Karthirpur was ₹10 lakh, beneficiaries were being asked to pay only ₹1.5 lakh. “It was ₹2.5 lakh but due to the intervention of the State government it has been further reduced. We have now requested the government to make it into monthly installments. The residents have encroached upon the river bank and are impeding the free flow of water, which is why we are trying to move them,” she said.


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