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The evolution of social media platforms, like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, has been an important part of our lives. One of the most important reasons why, is that it changed the way that advertisers are reaching their target, which are consumers that live online.

It is why Mark Zuckerberg has made the bet that the future of advertising resides in the Metaverse. Whether he was right or wrong, will be determined in the long-term future. But for now, Instagram remains the main tool for social media advertising, and using story background templates is of utmost importance to users.

What are Instagram Story Background Templates?

The most complicated part of creating a story, on Instagram, is choosing the base upon which you will add all the other elements. This is, in great part, the key that will enable you to create a post that will look professional, or not. It is also time-consuming, as you need to think about it for a while, before getting into the act of creating it.

Today, mobile applications like Mojo app remove that complexity entirely, by providing Instagram users with already created story background templates. It enables the creators to let their imagination roam free on the message, and the details that will enable it to come through to viewers easily and efficiently. To understand Instagram story background templates better, find all your answers on this site.

What is the Next Step After choosing an Instagram Story Background Template?

To most users of Instagram, the fun part starts, once this initial choice has been made. This is where they can let their imagination roam free. First, they will choose the videos and images that they want to insert into the story. To be fair, they are usually picked before the selection of the background, as the latter is only a mean to show them. Also, it is worth reminding that people can use photos and videos that they did not create themselves, as long as they are free of rights.

Once the images have been selected and uploaded, it is time to write down a message, if you want to. To do this, you will use the add text section, type the information, and then choose over a variety of fonts available. It is also possible to have lyrics of the song that you will use to show up as the music plays. That is if you decide to add such sound, which is the next step. Finally, you can play with the colours of the background, if you want to give it a different flavour.

Creating an Instagram story, with an already existing background story template, will not only eat all of your time, but it will also insert the risk that your post won’t fully look professional. That is why so many specialists in the industry turn to apps like Mojo, in order to make sure that the viewers won’t be disappointed by their creations, ever. That is something anyone has access to, which can make us wonder why there are still so many poorly created stories on Instagram today.

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