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The U.S. plan to send Patriot missile defense systems to Ukraine still needs the approval of a Defense Secretary before President Joe Biden signs it.

Patriot air defense missile system in the German Armed Forces. Image credit: Ra Boe via Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA-3.0 de

An article published today on CNN mentioned that two U.S. officials and a senior administration official confirmed that the plan to send these advanced defensive weapons to Ukraine is very close to its practical implementation.

Recently there were a lot of discussions regarding the possibility to provide Patriot platforms for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in order to strengthen the country’s protection against the invading Russian army.

Patriot is a highly effective weapon capable of intercepting ballistic and cruise missiles. If it arrives in Ukraine (most likely, it will), this system will be the most effective long-range air defense weapon in the possession of the Ukrainian defenders.

What are the capabilities of Patriot SAM?

MIM-104 Patriot is a surface-to-air missile system (SAM) manufactured by the U.S. company Raytheon.

Despite the fact that its original model was designed in 1969, it underwent several major design and software improvements and therefore remains among the most advanced defensive technologies in the world. The most recent upgrade PAC-3 involved a nearly complete redesign of the system.

Depending on the type of missile and the type of intercepted target, a Patriot rocket may reach the maximum operational range of up to 30-160 km (19-99 miles). It is capable of flying at altitudes of up to 24.2 km (79,500 feet).

PAC-1 modification reaches Mach 2.8, while upgraded PAC-2 and PAC-3 models fly at Mach 4.1. A single rocket costs up to $6 million.

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