Gas tanker overturns, triggers panic at Ezhilode in Kannur

A gas tanker overturned, after falling into a pit, at Ezhilode in Kannur, triggering panic among residents on Tuesday night.

The accident occurred around 8.30 p.m. Fire and Rescue Services personnel reached the spot, inspected the vehicle and confirmed that there was no gas leakage.

The tanker was on its way from Mangaluru to Kozhikode. It is learnt that the driver was blinded by the high beam light from a vehicle coming from the opposite direction, resulting in the accident. The driver attempted to move the vehicle to the edge of the road without realising the presence of a pit that was dug as part of road widening.

The Pariyaram police has arrested the driver, A.S. Manivel, after he was found in an inebriated state. He had escaped without injuries.

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