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Starting in 2023, at least 500 Ukrainian soldiers will be trained every month by U.S. instructors in Europe.

Training of Ukrainian soldiers by the U.S. military specialists. Image credit: U.S. Army

The U.S. is expanding its military training program for Ukrainian troops, said S. Department of Defense spokesman Brig. Gen. Patrick S. Ryder said during a briefing on Dec. 15. Some sources say that the number of trained soldiers could be as high as 800 a month.

“Combined arms maneuver training is a logical next step in our ongoing training efforts which began in 2014,” commented Ryder.

The expanded training program will start in January 2023 and will be conducted in Germany by U.S. 7th Army Training Command.

The program will be oriented toward fostering skills to conduct effective combined arms operations and maneuvers on the battlefield.

Two weeks ago, CNN reported that the Biden administration is also considering even a larger scale program, including up to 2,500 troops every month.

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the U.S. has trained approximately 3,100 Ukrainians, so if adopted, the new program would lead to a radical increase of highly skilled warfare specialists in the Ukrainian Army.

Compared to the previous training program, activities will be conducted in larger groups so that soldiers could practice advanced battle tactics. This would include participation in joint exercises aimed at improving coordination between different military units, such as infantry and artillery.

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