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The 2022 FIFA World Cup is on the cusp of its conclusion, with Argentina set to play France in the tournament’s final on December 18. After the quadrennial event concludes in Qatar, the players will head back to their respective clubs and it won’t be long before they resume the 2022-23 club season. It was unprecedented that clubs had to release their players for a World Cup in the middle of the season. But, the arrangement also came with compensation that FIFA agreed to pay to the clubs.

Strictly speaking about the numbers, FIFA said, as per a report in The Athletic, that a grand total of $209 million was arranged for the current World Cup, which comes down to about $10,000 for each player for every day they are away from clubs. When it comes to the semi-finals and beyond the payment, the forecast goes to about $370,000.

But, what’s interesting is that the money doesn’t just go to the clubs that the players are playing for in the current season. Even those clubs who have played a part in the players’ development since 2020 get a fair share.

To be precise, the money is split in three ways. The arrangement is such that about a third is paid to whoever held the player’s registration in 2020-21, a third for those in 2021-22, and the remaining to the club that currently employs the player.

Regarding the Premier League, the clubs will get about $27 million back from FIFA for releasing their players for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Club-wise breakdown of money given by FIFA for players at the Qatar World Cup:

  1. Bournemouth: $270,000
  2. Southampton: $420,000
  3. Nottingham Forest: $480,000
  4. Leeds United: $620,000
  5. Crystal Palace: $650,000
  6. Everton: $690,000
  7. Aston Villa: $810,000
  8. Newcastle United: $910,000
  9. West Ham United: $1m
  10. Brentford: $1.1m
  11. Fulham: $1.3m
  12. Brighton: $1.35m
  13. Leicester City: $1.4m
  14. Wolverhampton Wanderers: $1.54m
  15. Arsenal: $1.57m
  16. Liverpool: $1.8m
  17. Tottenham: $2.4m
  18. Manchester United: $2.65m
  19. Chelsea: $2.86m
  20. Manchester City: $4m

As far as the Premier League goes, the 2022-23 season resumes on December 26.

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