Andhra Pradesh: Activist on hunger strike for Godavari river conservation falls ill

T.K. Visweswara Reddy, who is on a hunter strike being attended to by a medical professional at Pushkar Ghat in Rajamahendravaram city on Sunday.
| Photo Credit: BY ARRANGEMENT

Activist T.K. Visweswara Reddy(64), who is on his 34th day of hunger strike for conservation of river Godavari in Rajamahendravaram, fell ill on Sunday.

The activist was attended to by a medical professional at Pushkar Ghat, the venue of the protest. As per preliminary reports, his health condition has deteriorated on Sunday. However, he has not announced withdrawal of the strike yet.

Mr. Visweswara Reddy launched the strike at Pushkar Ghat demanding action from the A.P. Papermill management to find ways to stop the release of effluents into the river.

Political leaders of all hues have extended support to the protest. Last week, Rajendra Singh, the Water Man of India, too joined Mr. Visweswara Reddy. 

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