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Plea to pet lovers

The abandonment of two Great Danes in Theetukkal forests of Udhagamandalam is cruel and

disturbing. Even more harassing is the fact that these helpless animals had been tied up and left to

starve. Defenceless, they could have been easily attacked by wild animals and antisocial elements. The

selfish attitude of puppy mills in using dogs and other animals as breeding machines and dumping them

when they become inconceivable is condemnable. The craze for pedigrees is the driving force behind such

Factors. Pet-lovers should try to take an interest in adopting orphaned animals and older

ones, irrespective of breed. Registration of pets must be made mandatory so that erring owners are

traced and penalised.

Monita Sutherson,


Attach more coaches

Ever since the Sengottai-Madurai and Dindigul-Mayiladuthurai unreserved express trains were merged  in October last week, they are fully crowded. As the train has only 12 coaches,  many passengers are forced to travel  standing all the way. Hence I appeal to the DRMs of Tiruchi and Madurai to make it a 15-coach trains with 14 unreserved second class coaches  and one reserved second class chair car coach.

K H Krishnan, 


Train to Varanasi

The Railway Minister has recently announced that a new train service, Kashi Tamil Sangamam Express, will be introduced  between Varanasi and Tamil Nadu. As there is no direct train to Varanasi from southern parts of Tamil Nadu, it must be operated to Kanniyakumari via Dindigul, Madurai, Tirunelveli and Nagercoil. From Chennai to down south, it will cover  14 districts of Tamil Nadu. 

J.G. Prince,

Colachel MLA

Remove wild growth of lotus

Lotus has proliferated in Kaverkulam near Agasteeswaram in Kanniyakumari district. A foul smell emanates from the pond and water in wells at houses nearby has been contaminated. People taking bath in the pond also fall ill. Besides polluting the water, Lotus is proliferating in it. Water in it has become polluted and emits foul smell. I request  the authorities to remove the wild growth of lotus from the pond to protect the health of the residents.

Ramdhas Chandrasekharan,


More facilities needed

At the  ‘Uzhavar Sandhai ‘ in NGO Colony, Tirunelveli,  there are only 16 shops ready for occupation. The authorities should construct more shops to meet the requirements of farmers from villages. Women SHGs should also be encouraged by allotting space for setting up an Aavin outlet, shops for marketing farm produce such as millets, pulses, mushroom, etc. Cold storage facility should also be established.

 V .Ganesan,


Plan for summer

Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts have not received adequate north-east monsoon rains this year. As of now there is no major problem regarding water for irrigation and farmers are  expected to have a bumper harvest in February. But the water level at Papanasam  dam remains at 97 feet only for almost a month and has not touched 100 feet. This would affect ‘khar’ cultivation of crops, mainly paddy, from June to September. Drinking water must also be supplied during summer months. Hence, Tirunelveli municipal authorities and TWAD Board must chalk out a plan to ensure uninterrupted drinking water supply during summer when small tanks go dry, and to save the occasional summer rain.

A.M.N. Pandian,


Rain gauge needed 

There was scanty rainfall during north-east monsoon in the Eruvadi region.  To represent this condition to the government and to know the pattern and intensity of rain in Eruvadi region, a rain gauge must be installed on the town panchayat office premises. There is a rain gauge now only at Nanguneri, the taluk headquarters. 

A. Kaja Nazimudeen, 


Waste disposal 

Waste from chicken, mutton and fish stalls are dumped on the roadside.  This practice creates a chain of events like stray dogs feeding on them, and these dogs pose a threat to pedestrians. Pathogens in this waste  can infect human beings. It seems garbage collecting vehicles do not accept waste from fish/chicken/mutton stalls because of the obnoxious odour.   It looks like there are not many ways to dispose of this waste except landfill  and composting.  Till such time  a viable disposal technique os worked out, ways must be found for safe disposal of this waste. 

J. Edison Devakaram,


‘Ruralisation’ is the only answer

Traffic congestion in the district headquarters occurs because of concentration of government offices, educational institutions  and commercial establishments at one place. ‘Ruralisation’ is the only answer to this malady. So, such big establishments must be started only in rural areas in the future to prevent urban ills. 

K. Chelliah,


No drains 

There is a railway underpass on the southern side of Thiagarajanagar in Palayamkottai. This passage helps people to reach Maharajanagar easily either by two-wheeler or four-wheeler. As there is no drainage system  on either side of the underpass, when rainwater stagnates, vehicle riders find much difficulty to cross it. I request the Corporation authorities to construct drains on both sides of the passage and install lights on the walls for the safety of the public. 

P. Victor Selvaraj, 


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