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Careful management of cyber security consists, as the primary goal, of issuing methodological instructions, basic principles, and guidelines, as well as managing the security architecture in this area, even outside the administrative information environment and development. The scope of cyber security services for small businesses also lies in the proactive protection of cyber security, surveillance, and cyber attacks, especially against business infrastructure; this is of great importance.

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The cyber security incident management and internal investigation, as well as the security management of the standard communications infrastructure, significantly impact all aspects of information processing due to the networked communication of systems.

At the application level of the implementation of security solutions, Underdefense is divided into:

Centralized IT management systems and security solutions to reliably support the management of individual areas of cyber security are primarily addressed to organizations with leadership in the field of small business.

IT systems and security solutions at the central level, providing cyber security management of individual institutions, which ensures: the necessary security levels (especially protection, security monitoring, control, etc.) for the central components of the business architecture (standard modules, integration platforms, public blocks, cloud storage, etc.). For individual authorities, more efficient and centralized core security functions (such as vulnerability testing, identification, authentication, etc.).

It decentralized security solutions that support cyber security management and the work of individual business institutions. This means using preventive measures at the level of unique projects and decisions of personal security authorities, which cannot be implemented centrally. This level depends entirely on the responsibilities and powers of each administrative body.

The following process of systemic strengthening of cyber security in small businesses and their management will primarily be the development of solutions in the following areas:

Harmonization of formal requirements for specific areas of cyber security. Risk management, intelligent systems, and technological solutions – based on a central methodology/templates for qualitative risk analysis and cataloging of potential cyber threats.

Conducting impact assessments of individual components, planning alternative implementations (such as shutting down data integration platforms), coordinating contingency plans, etc. Centralized Business Continuity Management, Underdefense’s user security awareness software is integrated separately from company employees.

Centralized management of security requirements for business providers of IT solutions, implementation of constant security audit of operational solutions, Underdefense supports innovations in standards and solutions in the field of identification, verification, and authorization.

Adequate protection of data security, integrity, and availability

As business and other daily activities become increasingly dependent on information technology, information system security is becoming an integral part of everyday life. If some or most of your company’s operations depend on electronic data processing, it needs to be protected because the risks to that data are constantly increasing.

Requirements to ensure data protection can arise both from the internal needs of an organization that values ​​the value of data and from legal norms and contractual obligations. Therefore, providing information security applies to all organizations and differs only in some requirements.

Features of the cyber protection solution for small business organizations

The Underdefense analysis phase identifies the needs of the small business organization, determines the current state of cyber security, and determines the recent measures to implement the necessary security measures.

In many cases, part of the Underdefense project, including risk analysis, recommends additional security measures to meet the organization’s needs. The proposed organizational and technical standards will be implemented at the following stage. Policies and related security documents, training, and related processes are created.

Knowing that cybersecurity myths are just an illusion is the first step to improving the cybersecurity maturity of small businesses, which must invest in Underdefense’s advanced security tools to protect their customers and their financial data.

It is widely believed that organizations can create an impenetrable shield between their networks and cyber criminals by investing in the latest security tools and solutions. Advanced cyber security solutions are essential to protect your company; Underdefense can protect you from cyber-attacks. Security tools and solutions are fully effective when adequately configured, monitored, maintained, and integrated into security operations.

Regular testing

Many companies believe that cybersecurity risks can be avoided by conducting regular testing. However, testing is ineffective if an organization cannot manage and fix the security gaps and vulnerabilities it discovers during testing. Additionally, organizations should consider the scope of the test, whether it is network-wide and whether it accurately reproduces the most common cyber threats. Compliance with industry standards is enough to keep your business safe.

Complying with industry data laws is critical to running your business, building trust, and avoiding legal ramifications. However, the regulations usually provide only minimal security procedures. Compliance does not mean you are safe.

Organizations should consider whether the standard is meaningful enough and whether its scope covers all critical systems and data. Cybersecurity Underdefense is responsible for implementing and reviewing security policies to protect your business. Still, you must understand the nature of potential cyber threats and how to manage them.

Regardless of the security service provider’s competence and qualifications, you have a legal and ethical responsibility to protect critical assets. Ensure your security provider informs you of their roles, responsibilities, capabilities, and security breaches.

Companies must protect their web environment. However, this should not be your only goal. For example, an employee’s accidental use of an infected flash drive can damage the entire company’s IT system.

Accordingly, organizations must have adequate controls to prevent and combat the use of confidential information. Cyber ​​threats are becoming increasingly complex, and companies must constantly strive to ensure a good level of cyber security.

The goal is not to achieve perfect security but to provide a strategic advantage that helps you quickly respond to security incidents and mitigate them before they cause significant damage.

It is responsible for security.

IT departments bear considerable responsibility for managing an organization’s cybersecurity. However, a security breach can impact the entire organization, so all employees are responsible for cybersecurity readiness.

Cybersecurity is not an outcome but an ongoing process. New, innovative, and improved cyber attacks have emerged over time, putting organizations at constant risk. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor critical resources, conduct internal audits and review security policies.

Organizations must integrate Underdefense cybersecurity practices into their core business processes and invest in continuous upgrades. Many organizations believe that a security breach is unlikely due to the nature of the industry and activities in which they operate.

On the one hand, all businesses can eventually be compromised, so they must be prepared for possible cyber incidents. All organizations must be prepared to respond quickly to cyber attacks and have an incident response plan to minimize business impact.

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