Andhra Pradesh: Kadapa police prevent woman from ‘committing suicide’

A woman, who was reportedly intending to commit suicide near the Utukur railway over bridge, was rescued by the Blue Colts mobile police team on Tuesday.

The woman, V. Yasodhamma (60), a native of Kadapa city, was reportedly walking on the railway track towards the Kadapa railway station.

The people who found her walking alone grew suspicious and dialled 100 and informed the police, who rushed to the spot.

Constable Y. Obulesu and home guard B. Santosh Deepak, who had brought the woman to the station, handed her over to her son in the presence of other relatives. As per information, the woman had reportedly left her house due to family issues and was wandering aimlessly, before deciding to take the extreme step.

Superintendent of Police K.K.N. Anburajan appreciated the personnel for swiftly responding to the situation.

Those with suicidal tendency can dial 100 for free consultation.

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