Manipur police defuse bomb planted near warehouse

Residents of Telipati in Imphal found a powerful bomb at the early hours on December 20. Police said the bomb was planted near a warehouse owned by Ram Nath Sahu, a businessman. The place is located under the Porompat police station in Imphal east district. Police said it weighed 5KG and it could have claimed several lives.

Police and Central paramilitary personnel are patrolling Telipati areas, following the recent clashes among the residents of Telipati who are originally from Bihar and the local residents over the charges of encroachment of the temple land.

There had been instances of bomb attacks at the warehouses of some businessmen as they allegedly refused to yield to extortions by armed rebels. Personnel of bomb detection and disposal squad who rushed there defused it at 10 a.m. So far, no rebel outfit has claimed responsibility for planting this powerful bomb.

After registering a case, police have started an investigation. The security measures are being reviewed since bomb could be easily planted despite beefing up the security following recent clashes.

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