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Before you buy your first quantum computer, you should know that these models are not like regular PCs or laptops that you use daily.

Quantum computer Gemini Mini. This “baby” weighs just 14 kilograms. Image credit:

Is it expensive to shed $9000 on a new computer? If you are a gamer, or a graphics designer, this sum of money can basically get you what’s best out there on the market.

However, it seems that the future of electronics is already changing, and we’re taking the first steps in replacing our “old” hardware with new quantum computing tech.

From now on, you can purchase the world’s first commercially available portable quantum computers. Of course, these are very basic models using circuits with just two or three qubits.

The Gemini Mini, Gemini, and Triangulum are three models of portable quantum computers. All of them were developed by the Chinese company SpinQ technology. The least expensive unit – 2-qubit system Gemini Mini – costs about $US8,700 and has a power rating of 60W.

The Triangulum is the top model containing a 3-qubit circuit, drawing 330W power and weighing 40kg. Not quite portable, but technically it can be relocated by a single adult person.

These quantum computers have a narrow field of application, mainly in signal processing. Triangulum also provides a possibility to customize its quantum circuit and has a programming port. By the way, its price is also on the higher end, nearly $US58,000.

The Gemini and Gemini Mini are only 2-qubit machines. Additionally, they can work as 8-qubit simulators. Mid-range Gemini costs about $US40,000.

All these models are working at room temperature, which is quite incredible. Plus, while they have limited use, in these narrow niches their performance is unrivaled by any traditional machines.

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