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Cloud edge environments are the points where devices connect to cloud services and are often the most vulnerable to security breaches, as they are exposed to a variety of threats, including unauthorized access, data leakage, and malware attacks. That’s why they need enhanced and reliable protection. G-Core Labs cloud edge environments’ protection is just what you need to provide multi-layered security, including access control, secure authentication, encryption, threat detection, and timely response.

Working in cloud edge environment – illustrative photo. Image credit: Christopher Gower via Unsplash, free license

The importance of protecting cloud environments

Securing cloud-edge environments is becoming increasingly important as more organizations use cloud services and apps, and the use of remote and mobile devices continues to grow. The protection ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of cloud resources and services and protects against evolving threats.

When do you need to take care of cloud edge environment protection?

Every organization that uses cloud services or apps requires similar protection. In particular, it is critical for government bodies, financial institutions, and the healthcare industry. Therefore, it is relevant wherever confidentiality, integrity, and availability of resources must be guaranteed.

How to organize such protection and keep the cloud under control?

Securing cloud-edge environments requires a multi-layered approach that involves a combination of security strategies, technologies, and best practices. G-Core Labs offers several protection steps:

  1. Implementing access controls to limit access to cloud resources and services to only authorized users and devices. Access control can include measures like multifactor authentication, for example.
  2. Using strong encryption that prevents unauthorized access and guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of data in the cloud.
  3. Network segmentation for isolating sensitive data and resources from other parts of networks to limit the impact of a security breach and reduce the risk of threat migration.
  4. Implementation of an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPs).

Applying these and other technologies, G-Core Labs establishes a ‌reliable protection of cloud services and applications, using an individual approach and specific requirements in each case. The company’s specialists determine what security measures are necessary to protect your environment and offer the appropriate functions to ensure that your cloud is under your exclusive control.

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