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Freezvon virtual number is a useful service that allows you not to use your personal phone number where it may be undesirable. It helps to receive and send SMS, as well as make calls from a virtual number and receive them.

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Smartphone in hand – illustrative photo. Image credit: Towfiqu barbhuiya via Unsplash, free license

Many sites, online stores, mobile applications, and services require you to provide a phone number to register and continue working. However, it happens that it is undesirable to indicate your habitual phone number. For example, you do not want to provide a mobile number to a courier from a delivery service, or you are not ready to use a personal number if you register in a mobile application for work. Using a virtual number will allow you to maintain relative privacy without providing your main phone number if this may cause inconvenience. Freezvon comes to the rescue with the possibility to buy virtual number for SMS. This service can be used by both individuals and company owners.

As for business needs, customers increasingly prefer to communicate by text rather than by voice. It is easier for them to write a response at a convenient moment than to spend half an hour talking with the manager. In addition, many people have spam filters for calls from unknown numbers so it might be difficult to break through. The function of receiving and sending SMS from virtual numbers will help you communicate with customers by text through your personal account. You can send a payment link, information on new promotions, or simply clarify a convenient time for a call without invading a person’s personal space with an unexpected call.

How can I use Freezvon virtual number for personal needs?

  • To receive one-time passwords in SMS

Some activities on websites and social networks require identity verification. For example, this is done using one-time passwords that are sent via SMS. You will be able to receive a confirmation code without disclosing your personal number by specifying a virtual number for these purposes.

  • For registration in applications and services

Registration on websites, mobile applications, social networks, and online stores requires a mobile number. If you do not trust a certain service or simply do not want to disclose your personal mobile number, use a virtual number.

  • To protect against telephone spam and unwanted SMS mailings

Use a virtual number to permanently get rid of annoying advertising SMS and unnecessary phone calls.

The digital number for SMS: advantages for business

  1. Having a dedicated virtual number for SMS messaging gives your business a more professional image. Customers are more likely to trust a company that has a dedicated phone number for communication.
  2. Using a virtual number can help keep your personal phone number private. You can use the virtual number for business purposes while keeping your personal number separate.
  3. It helps you send and receive SMS messages from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. This means you can stay in touch with customers and clients even if you are on the go.
  4. SMS messaging is a highly effective marketing tool, and having a virtual number can make it easier to send out targeted messages to your customer base.
  5. Virtual numbers are typically less expensive than traditional phone numbers. This means you can save money on communication costs.

Overall, using a virtual number for SMS messaging can provide a range of benefits for businesses, from improved professionalism and security to increased convenience and cost savings.

How to get a number for SMS?

Firstly, you have to purchase such a number to use it. Visit the provider’s website, go to your personal account Freezvon, and order the desired feature. Don’t forget that Freezvon virtual number for SMS is a useful service that allows you not to use your personal phone number where it may be undesirable. Moreover, our specialists are always ready to communicate with a person and answer all his/her questions.


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